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Today in the news, Bitfinex adds new stable coins, a hospital explores blockchain application, Binance releases a demo for its decentralized exchange, Roger Ver makes positive comments on the future

2018 was supposed to be the year of Bitcoin spinoff coins, but things didn’t really turn out that way. Bitcoin Cash achieved some initial success after it launched in

Sentiment may be doubtful currently, as the public looks toward the end of a tough year for crypto. However, last year around this time was very much a different

A hefty XLM airdrop, Kraken talks security, Bitcoin Cash continues its war, positive news for USD Coin solvency, and another hacker caught, all while Bitcoin seeks to find a

The BCH hash wars have left very little room for reasonable fact-based debates. As it turns out, the two combating factions, ABC and SV really like to make use

Bitcoin dumped $5k today, while the headlines were filled with Bitcoin Cash talk, bullish Bitcoin predictions, political campaign mining donations, and statements of cryptocurrency's future potential. Catch up on

Without a question, finding amusement in the selfish behavior of the BCH influencers and stakeholders is a lot of fun. These hash wars are also fascinating from a purely

EOS sees decentralization issues, a possible bounce for Bitcoin, big inflatable Bitcoin rat protesting, further SEC ICO rulings, and the use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela.