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The infamous domain Bitcoin.com is once again in the midst of a crypto drama. John Carvalho, best known in the Bitcoin community as the ever-cynical and brutally honest Bitcoin

CoinfloorEX, a daughter unit of the British cryptocurrency exchange Coinfloor, is now offering the trade of physical Bitcoin futures on the Asian market under the name CoinFLEX.  This means

Another year has passed in the crypto space leaving people both frustrated and hopeful for 2019. Take a look at some of this year's action in review.

Since the emergence of Bitcoin Cash on August 1st 2017, there has been an ongoing rivalry between the big block version of Bitcoin and the already-established digital silver, Litecoin.

Today in the news, Bitfinex adds new stable coins, a hospital explores blockchain application, Binance releases a demo for its decentralized exchange, Roger Ver makes positive comments on the future

2018 was supposed to be the year of Bitcoin spinoff coins, but things didn’t really turn out that way. Bitcoin Cash achieved some initial success after it launched in

Sentiment may be doubtful currently, as the public looks toward the end of a tough year for crypto. However, last year around this time was very much a different

A hefty XLM airdrop, Kraken talks security, Bitcoin Cash continues its war, positive news for USD Coin solvency, and another hacker caught, all while Bitcoin seeks to find a