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If you follow Jon Moore on social media, you will definitely be reminded of Roger Ver during the first half of the decade. The New Jersey BTC and LTC

It's fairly easy to be exuberant when everyone else is. But there are some influencers who made excellent bear market predictions, even amidst such market positivity.

Since its debut, the Magical Crypto Friends show has been about busting scams and promoting the small block philosophy. However, the November 2018 episode (the thirteenth in succession) is

EOS sees decentralization issues, a possible bounce for Bitcoin, big inflatable Bitcoin rat protesting, further SEC ICO rulings, and the use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela.

On October 23rd 2018, Bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco was interviewed by Crypto Insider. During his dialogue with Vlad Costea, he agreed to play a little game in which he

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase has received an approval for custody services for several crypto assets, according to recent news.

On October 16th 2018, Crypto Insider's Vlad Costea has had the honor and privilege to interview cypherpunk and Bitcoin advocate Jameson Lopp. The discussion is about 63 minutes long

It's been a year since The Magical Crypto Friends have established an ad-hoc assembly in order to educate the public against the numerous attempts to overtake Bitcoin, and their