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EOS sees decentralization issues, a possible bounce for Bitcoin, big inflatable Bitcoin rat protesting, further SEC ICO rulings, and the use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela.

On May 13th 2018, HBO has aired the eight and final episode of Silicon Valley's fifth season. At the time, it seemed like a funny

During his 50-minute Crypto Insider interview, ETC DEV Team's Donald McIntyre has been candid and open about his views on immutability. In the first part,

The EOS blockchain was built with the intention of providing a means to scale transaction speed while still providing a certain level of decentralization. The

Bitcoin Cash split into two chains today, dividing one of crypto's most controversial communities. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) turned into Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin SV

Today was an eventful day in crypto. Bitcoin Cash hard forked, Dogecoin sees more transactions than BCH, Iranian crypto interest, and further scam reports. All

In spite of adhering to the values of true non-interventionist decentralization, Ethereum Classic is an underdog. The battle of Turing-complete blockchains features more resourceful warriors

On November 5th, the United States put into effect the harshest round of sanctions on Iran to date, scaling back Tehran’s ability to do business

With an abundance of energy provided by the mighty Itaipú dam in Paraguay; a dilemma arises. Should the country invest in the sprouting crypto-mining industry,

The crypto markets finally made a decisive move today in favor of downside action. News also includes convincing Twitter scams, Bitcoin Cash fork talk, Wyoming

Wyoming is a mountainous, sparsely-populated rectangle located in the middle of the United States. Despite its landlocked position, many Wyomingites are laying legal foundations to

On November 14th 2018, the entire crypto market began to bleed. While some might correlate this event with the upcoming BCH hard fork and speculation

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