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Blakely Jones is a traditionally educated business person with years of management experience across multiple industries. With a significant interest in the relationships between cryptocurrencies and general business Blakely is exuberant to push the cryptocurrency industry forward with improved news and information. Traditional higher education achievements in B.S. Medical Science and an MBA.

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The Paris Fire Brigade is working to save one of its own prized buildings today as firefighters make attempts at pushing back the blaze that engulfed the north tower.

Satoshi Nakamoto has been a mysterious figure since the inception of the paperless e-currency known today as Bitcoin (BTC). After his disappearance in December 2010, many were left to

Yobit.net has recently raised a significant amount of controversy and potential unethicality surrounding their broken platform and recent institutional pump. Well, today I am examining their community, which seems

Malta in recent news has become nicknamed "The Blockchain Island" and for good reason! The increasingly blockchain and crypto friendly island has offered safe-haven for blockchain and cryptocurrency based

YoBit.net has for the most part been known as a lower tier exchange with incredibly poor customer service; however, this may be a new low (even for them). Early this

On September 9th, Charlie Lee and Roger Ver sat down to have a conversation about Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. It all happened during the Blockchain Cruise, an event

Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 has arrived! Bitcoin Core has updated their code on October 3rd, 2018. This update contains many small points and a few more notable ones. We have

Technology has made huge leaps in innovation and creating ease of life in the past decade. However, in this technological boom, we have also had increases in spending electrical