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MMORPG Lordmancer II Starts Crowdsale Campaign

  17 October 2017 – Lordmancer II, MMORPG for mobile devices with cryptocurrency-based economy announces the start of a token sale campaign at 07 November 2017. Through the whole crowdsale campaign project team aims to sell the maximum of ​13,000,000​​ project tokens for the price $0.1 – $0.125 depending on the date and sum of purchase. Presale phase of the project has already finished within 5 days with the distribution of 2,000,000 tokens. Lordmancer II is a MMORPG for Android and iOS phones and tablets already soft launched in Russia on Android. Global launch is planned for 2018. Lordmancer II encourages its players to develop characters, “farm” valuable weapons and artifacts in the game and sell them to other players, earning Lord Coins (LCs) in the process. Earned LCs could be easily sold for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum at a crypto exchange. With each trade ‘paid’ by LCs, the game will burn a fraction of the tokens involved. This will result in ever decreasing amount of LCs being available on the market, which in turn will push the price of remaining LCs even higher. Within three years of development the project attracted $200,000 worth investment from private investors and $45,000 by winning the Global Top Round startup contest. Token sale was scheduled for October 23, 2017 but the team decided to postpone it due to upcoming Ethereum...

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REGA Risk Sharing raised more than $500,000 on presale

Kindly note that this is a sponsored press release. Crypto Insider does not necessarily endorse nor take responsibility in any way, shape or form for the statements below. Due diligence is advised. On the days REGA Risk Sharing – developer of decentralized crowdsurance platform based on smart contracts, scoring systems and artificial intelligence technologies, – announced successful closure of the first stage (presale) of its ICO campaign.   REGA Risk Sharing project attracted $507,000 from private contributors during the first stage of the crowdinvesting campaign. 30,000 RST-P tokens were issued within the presale. The bulk of the collected funds came worldwide from people, who support the idea and mission of the first crowdsurance platform for individual risks management products and services development and implementation. The burst of activity for the purchase of RST-P tokens fell on the last days of the presale campaign due to a special 50% off discount offer. “We have seen a steady increase of the interest to our project throughout the entire presale campaign. We were reached by people from all over the world interested in the project, platform and crowdsurance products.  They asked lot of questions, shared their feedback and recommendations. We are very pleased by such high appreciation and grateful for the trust and support given to us. Presale results proved that we are on the right way developing the right product that is...

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Technology Disruptor to Create Chatbot Marketplace on the Blockchain

Kindly note that this is a sponsored press release. Crypto Insider does not necessarily endorse nor take responsibility in any way, shape or form for the statements below. Due diligence is advised. Chatbots Will be Made Available to 300 Million SMEs Worldwide Moscow, Russia (October 18, 2007) – Launching its token sale this week, ( aims to be the leading technology disruptor in development of world-wide chat bots. will be a chatbot marketplace that combines AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, smart contracts and chatbot technologies. By implementing the blockchain into its already robust platform, the suite of tools will be available to more than 300 million SMEs around the globe. The blockchain will soon be the gatekeeper of identity and trust and businesses will have to create new ways to not only engage the individual, but to also add value and utility in the rapidly evolving trust economy. The launch of will hasten this process, with the marketplace and transactions being well protected from fraud and hacking by implementing the blockchain. Transactions on will be based on Ethereum smart-contracts, saved in the immutable blockchain, and all payments will be made in cryptocurrency. Developers will have the ability to create chatbot templates and make them available through the marketplace to sales partners. Sales partners then work with SME clients and use those chatbot templates to create...

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ELEMENTS: A Cryptocurency Serving As A Universal Loyalty Rewards Program

Merchant loyalty programs often sound great to consumers, but the sheer number of these programs makes it difficult for consumers to earn enough spending power with any one of them. Too many consumers eventually decide participation in most loyalty programs will not benefit them, so they stop using them. The merchants, for their part, miss out on increased sales from loyalty programs, not to mention the valuable data that loyalty programs can theoretically provide. Loyalty programs are very important for businesses because it helps the merchants target customers with tailored offerings. “Elements,” a new cryptocurrency, changes all this by bringing greater value to consumers in the form of a universal loyalty currency that retailers, travel companies, banks, ecommerce companies and other merchants can use. A universal loyalty currency built using blockchain technology allows the consumer to hold one loyalty currency that is accepted by various merchants and choose where he wants to spend his “Elements.” A single currency accepted by multiple merchants provides an advantage to consumers and merchants alike. With a universally accepted loyalty currency, consumers are naturally motivated to spend more since it delivers faster and centralized rewards when the consumer spends their money. It also provides them with exceptional freedom to spend. A single loyalty currency can create more value to a consumer from a merchant loyalty program, thereby leading to improved customer satisfaction. With Elements...

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300 ETH Giveaway from the DIGI token sale!

DIGI, a blockchain based platform for digital goods and services are giving away 300 ETH worth of DIGI Tokens to 4 lucky contributors of their initial coin offering. It is extremely simple to enter, all you have to do is contribute more than 1 ETH during the token sale and you will be automatically entered. Randomly selected winners will be chosen at the end of the token sale and awarded with the prizes listed below: 1st Prize – One contributor will win: 90,000 DIGI (150 ETH Worth) 2nd Prize – One contributor will win: 45,000 DIGI (75 ETH Worth) 3rd Prize – One contributor will win: 30,000 DIGI (50 ETH Worth) 4th Prize – One contributor will win: 15,000 DIGI (25 ETH Worth) The giveaway applies to all contributors of more than 1 ETH. 4 x random transaction addresses will be selected and DIGI tokens will be sent to the contribution address. You can enter more than once. The more times you submit more than 1 ETH, the higher the chance of winning as each transaction over 1 ETH counts as an entry. This competition applies to all previous contributors also. What is DIGI? DIGI has an aim to be one of the world’s largest digital goods & services platform based on Blockchain. DIGI aims to solve three core issues in the multi-billion dollar digital goods industry which are:...

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