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Qtum (QTUM) is a public blockchain platform that reportedly “leverages the security and simplicity” of Bitcoin’s UTXO (unspent transaction output) protocol. Similar to other cryptocurrency platforms such as Ethereum

We have finally stepped into 2019, but many cryptocurrencies continue striving through the value drops as the market suffers harder. Still, anyone familiar with the cryptocurrency industry knows how

Within the stable coin community, there possibilities are expanding quickly. Most of the stable coins are striving to be backed by a fiat equivalent. This provides their values to

Within the last 7 days, OneGram and its founder have received two awards from two separate 3rd party groups. It is unusual to have so many awards given to

OneGramCoin (OGC), the first Sharia finance law compliant cryptocurrency backed by at least one gram of gold is set to begin trading on Trade Satoshi. This third party exchange

OneGram - the very first Shari’ah-compliant digital asset -  The Global Islamic Finance Awards committee has recognized OneGram as the Best Islamic Fintech Product/Initiative in 2018. (Sarajevo, September 29,

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