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I have been a cryptocurrency advocate since I started my first bitcoin miner in 2014. Learning about the theory, code, and revolution consumed most of my free time for months. I have been hooked since. When I’m not being a CFI, I am a developer, trader, researcher, advisor, consultant.

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Mark Karpeles, the ex-CEO of the bankrupt Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange, was found “not guilty” by jury in Japan on charges of embezzlement and violating company law. This is

Wallet providers must constantly keep updating their software to interface new features and updates that are merged into the core code. Most of the time, the provider simply updates

The cryptocurrency community has a lot to keep up with. There are many different aspects of the networks that get debated in the crypto-community constantly. From blocksize, to blocktime,

There have been many ICOs that have failed, and promises un-kept. Recently, it has been realized that, Hmstr.io, has swiped funds from crypto investors and the team members. Sifting through