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A journalist and writer interested in crypto from a social, cultural, political and philosophical point of view. Let decentralization transform societies to have more empowered individuals.

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After over a year and a half of decreasing Bitcoin mining revenue, a new report shows a small yet significant recovery in the gross margins. Let's take a look

Social media is catching onto the blockchain craze at a fast rate. Whatsapp is working on a native payment system, Facebook recently acquired a blockchain startup under its umbrella

The bear market of the last few months has taken its toll on Bitcoin’s mining industry. But perhaps this is a positive effect by creating a more decentralized mining

Facebook continues making strides into the blockchain technology industry, with their newest acquisition of Chainspace. The tech giant reportedly hired the team behind Chainspace, “a planetary scale smart contracts platform”.

Anarcho-capitalist and libertarian activist Jeff Berwick has an unshakeable vision of the future. From his debate during the Bitcoin Summit in Tel Aviv and in an interview to Crypto Insider,

CoinfloorEX, a daughter unit of the British cryptocurrency exchange Coinfloor, is now offering the trade of physical Bitcoin futures on the Asian market under the name CoinFLEX.  This means

We all know crypto is male-dominated and the stats prove it: As recorded in January 2018, women were approximated to own only 5% of the $550 billion market cap for the

After the recent talk of Facebook taking steps towards developing a cryptocurrency, the rumors were confirmed with the news that its messaging subsidiary, WhatsApp, is looking to create a