Author: Inbar Preiss

Interview with blockchain DJ Deadly Buda on Musicoin

On the 13th of August, the music producer and rave promoter released the first mixed track onto the Musicoin blockchain. “Rock the Blockchain” incorporates tracks from 15 different artists, and smart contracts ensure they all automatically earn a set amount immediately every time the song is played.

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Estonian e-residency offers transnational identity

For the first time, a national identity card includes so much more than just identification. In Estonia, an e-residency card is now a mandatory provision which includes all of the state’s services. This is also available for all outsiders, revolutionizing the dynamics of business and residency.

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Sustainable bitcoin mining: an interview with OgNasty

Bitcoin mining takes up a great deal of electricity and energy, contributing substantially to environmental damage as the network grows at an exponential rate. A sustainable approach to mining benefits both miners and the environment. This is what OgNasty, founder of Nasty Mining, has set out to do.

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