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Misha is a Tokyo-based crypto trader and blogger. He is the author of Bullish on Bitcoin: 37 Strategies to Profit in the New Crypto Economy and writes frequently about cryptocurrencies, technology and the future of work. You can follow his blog at https://mishayurchenko.me/

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Just before 3 PM on January 18th, the crowd at the niTRON 2019 TRON Summit is starting to buzz. Crypto enthusiasts are waiting for the great celebrity basketballer Kobe

Cryptocurrency is at the intersection of many contentious topics — history, politics, technology and economics. In order to understand crypto, you have to throw away your beliefs about money,

Pierre-Alexandre Picard is the founder of Predicoin, a data analytics tool for crypto investors. In a conversation with Crypto Insider, he explains the use-cases for their platform and how their tool

Have you been in the game for several years? Can you stomach a loss of 70–80% if the price continues to go down? If your answers are "yes" and you have

We like to complain and bash middlemen that take a cut from profits – like Amazon taking 30–65% from my e-book revenue. While I’d rather not pay them, it

You know when you’re walking down the street and find a $10 bill? That’s bonus money. It’s a nice little present — extra cash, given to you by the

The nature of the crypto-market is often compared to the course of the Tulip Mania during the Dutch Golden Age. However, there are some fundamental differences that invalidate this

Consider this: only one-third of the world’s wealth is held in cash. The rest is held in securities (stocks, COD’s etc.) and real estate. You can’t always simply sell