Author: Dave Ridley

The Morpheus case: competing theories on what it means for the rest of us

When computer engineer Theo Chino recently went to visit one of his favorite Bitcoin sellers in sweltering Florence, Arizona, he was forbidden to wear shorts. Trading crypto was out of the question, and, he says, so was the possession of a writing instrument. That’s because Chino’s visit occurred at the Central Arizona Detention Center, temporary home to “Morpheus Titania,” one of America’s best-known “crypto-detainees.

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After AlphaBay: Mitigating harm, holding tight to the big picture

The representatives of nation-states often refer to their attacks on the crypto-heavy darknet as a war on drugs. In practice it’s a war on their populations, but there’s probably some benefit in playing along with the martial terminology. Let’s apply a little history – both the bang-bang kind and the crypto kind – to this Dutch/Fed/also-ran takedown of Hansa and AlphaBay.

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If they make a thousand Bitcoin arrests, then let us make a thousand Gandhis

The arrest of “Morpheus Titania” sent shock waves through the “crypto-community” but perhaps smaller shock waves than it should have. Authorities factor into their planning an initial bout of negative publicity surrounding such a key victimless crime arrest. They also expect to see opposition to it fade. Fading, it is… and some crypto-enthusiasts are worried. This arrest is considered a line in the sand moment by many. If that’s what it is, then the next step to manning the line is making sure we have a condensed and informative list of our options to fight back. Here it is.

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