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Saibu Baba is a theoretical accountant, a digital nomad, and a tech writer helping brands tell their stories through content. He is a Fintech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency writer who has worked on ICO whitepapers for many blockchain startups, worked with crypto news platforms, and helped bootstrap many blockchain startups into fruition through content. Saibu has worked with more than six (6) blockchain and cryptocurrency startups since 2016, from dApp development platforms and exchanges to decentralized games and global remittance ecosystems. He now spends time researching into decentralized technologies and interesting use cases whiles covering pieces from Africa and beyond. Though a crypto enthusiast, Saibu is allergic to crypto charts.

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Skeptics around the world believe that cryptocurrencies are the biggest bubbles to ever exist. But who cares? We've been following the charts for a decade, enjoying the ups and

Home to 54 countries, the most on any continent, Africa's growth in finance and banking has not been tremendous. Out of the unbanked population in the world, 350 million of