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I am a female cryptocurrency and blockchain development contributor, and enthusiast. I have also earned my IT degree with a concentration in Database Management in 2012 from UOP and is putting it to use in this ever-evolving technological environment. In my spare time, I love family, hiking, cooking, rafting, trading and investing in cryptocurrencies and/or assets as some of my favorite hobbies.

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Traveling these days can be a headache. From security checkpoints and canceled flights at the airport to lost reservations at our favorite hotels - it can be a nightmare.

In early 2017 and throughout 2018, innovation and blockchain development took a backseat to speculation due to multiple factors including the emergence of Institutional Finance and ICOs. Because of companies

What Is the Blockchain? I am sure most of our readers know by now what the Blockchain is and how it works. To those who don’t, it can be very

3. 2. 1. Houston we have lift off! There are 4,986 satellites in orbit today according to the Online Index of Objects Launched into Outer Space provided by the United