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Vlad is a political science graduate who got a little tired and disillusioned with the old highly-hierarchical and centralized world and decided to give this anarchistic blockchain invention a little try. He found out about Bitcoin in 2014, had to do a presentation about it at Sciences Po Paris in 2015, but was too foolish to buy any. Now that he’ll never be a crypto millionaire and hasn’t acquired his golden ticket to lifelong financial independence, he’ll just write op-eds on various topics.

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It's been a year since The Magical Crypto Friends have established an ad-hoc assembly in order to educate the public against the numerous attempts to overtake Bitcoin, and their

For years, Coinbase was known as one of the most conservative exchanges. Their scrutiny prior to any addition was visibly rigorous, and their choices only revolved around coins which

On October 13th, Litecoin celebrates the 7th anniversary of its launch. Given this major accomplishment, we can safely say that Charlie Lee's digital silver project is the longest-running and

On October 12th 2018, Crypto Insider's Vlad Costea has interviewed Bitcoin developer and educator Jimmy Song. Below you will find the complete transcript of the interview. Topics include Blockstream's

On October 10th, the Blockstream social media channels announced the successful launch of the Liquid Network. In a nutshell, the project is a Bitcoin sidechain whose birth is due

Nouriel Roubini's fascination with Bitcoin dates back to April 2013, when he made a brief remark about a sudden 40 percent price decrease of BTC. What started as a

By all accounts, Aristotle is one of the most influential thinkers in our history. Not only that he possessed one of the most brilliant, lucid and best-structured minds one

"Last Week in Five" is a video project whose sole purpose is to present you the articles published on CryptoInsider.com throughout the last week, and do it in an