As of March 2019, everybody and their mother has already heard about the Lightning Network and its potential. If Jack Dorsey, CEO and founder of Twitter, received the LN torch (part of the

Have you been in the game for several years? Can you stomach a loss of 70–80% if the price continues to go down? If your answers are "yes" and you have the mental fortitude of

Tari Labs, the company that works on digitizing assets on the blockchain and deveoping a Mimble Wimble sidechain for Monero (among many other interesting projects), has made an offer no bitcoiner can refuse:

Venezuela’s eccentric leadership and economic turmoil have been attracting mainstream media headlines around the world for years. In the crypto space, it has been often used as a poster child for why we

As crypto projects grow, stall, or even die, people must change their expectations and speculations. That being said, here are five crypto assets to watch in 2019.

Proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) are the two main types of consensus algorithms used by most blockchain-based cryptocurrency platforms to verify transactions. Digital currency transactions are broadcasted on a blockchain network, which usually

Razer gaming mining, a German stock exchange plans for crypto, crypto users doubled, PAX popularity, and Weiss said it was time to buy bitcoin. 

Each trader has their own bias on which indicators work for them. One indicator sometimes referenced in the crypto space are the Bollinger Bands.