SEC positive statements on ICOs, bitcoin failed to bounce in price, Japan's crypto tax changes, China banned STOs, and Stellar and Ripple progress.

Bitcoin ETF delayed, regulation against manipulation, and a cease and desist. Coinbase looked at thirty-one crypto listings while bitcoin dropped below $3,400.

Asia's recent blockchain meetup, problems with Starbucks accepting crypto, a 1$ million dollar bet, Coinbase filed to trademark the term "BUIDL", and two more Bitwise crypto funds launched.

Today in the news, Bitfinex adds new stable coins, a hospital explores blockchain application, Binance releases a demo for its decentralized exchange, Roger Ver makes positive comments on the future of crypto, and Grayscale

More regulatory talk, alleged ransomware participant claims innocence, Nasdaq exchange platform confirmation for 2019, and another bullish Bitcoin price prediction. Catch up on the details from today. 

Bitcoin falls back below $4k today as Venezuela increases petro prices. Interviews find crypto to be a hot topic among mainstream financial traders, while GM files a blockchain patent. Ohio also reveals its plans

Today in crypto heard rumors of Satoshi's return, saw capitulation talk, Bitcoin ETF pitches/appeals, an Intel patent for Bitcoin mining, and further negativity from mainstream influencers.

Bitcoin maintained slight positivity today as additional Fidelity crypto trading news hit the headlines. Coinbase Pro also added Zcash, AriseBank's CEO was indicted, and NYSE chairman Sprecher expressed bullish feelings on the future