Crypto continues to move forward with Bitcoin comparisons to gold, stablecoin drama, a Binance partnership, and developments in blockchain impact on supply chain - all while Bitcoin attempts to breakout. Here's today's action!

Bitcoin looks for a potential breakout as Tezos lists on Kraken exchange, Ethereum blockchain upgrades are not yet ready, TRON partnership details, and stablecoin news floods the market. Here's today's action!

Tether fears continue, OKEx lists four new stablecoins, and mainstream interest in crypto continues. Check out today's action!

There's never a dull day in crypto. Even in a bear market. Microsoft develops blockchain products, Ethereum announces upgrades, Gemini plans to list Litecoin, and Justin Sun gives a very non-specific partnership announcement.

Unrest in the crypto space continues with exchange pump and dumps, stiff regulatory comments, and Malware attacks, as well as positive news of a new Coinbase listing.

The cryptocurrency markets continue to move along, with government interest, institutional interest, development, and of course a little SEC action thrown in. Here is today's action:

The crypto market is coiled like a spring, ready to explode in either direction, as news continues to roll in. Institution and mainstream interest continues to build, and Bitcoin's price still lies dormant.

It seems to be only a matter of time before the market price catches up with all the institutional interest that has been brewing in the background. More news about mainstream interaction and