We are “mooning” today – today is the day when the Earth and the Moon will come the closest (221,681 miles or 356,761 km) in 2019. In the anticipation of this event, ether

Previously, we have covered Columbia University–IBM Accelerator and had spotlighted one of the ten accelerated companies Connecting Food. Today, we highlight another company that was amongst the selected few: Securitize – “The Compliance Platform For

Venezuela’s eccentric leadership and economic turmoil have been attracting mainstream media headlines around the world for years. In the crypto space, it has been often used as a poster child for why we

While the name “Silk Road” may come to mind when discussing darknet markets, the concept has existed long before its arrival, starting in the early 1970s. Here, we will cover an article written

Decentralized, open cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero introduce possibilities that others are yet to conceive. Despite the liberating choice, freedom and power that such cryptocurrencies give individuals, the bigger picture for regulators

We like to complain and bash middlemen that take a cut from profits – like Amazon taking 30–65% from my e-book revenue. While I’d rather not pay them, it personally doesn’t bother me

The nature of the crypto-market is often compared to the course of the Tulip Mania during the Dutch Golden Age. However, there are some fundamental differences that invalidate this comparison. Tulip Mania was a

Delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) is a type of consensus protocol used to secure a cryptocurrency platform’s network. Developers of BitShares - an open-source, public blockchain-powered “real-time financial platform”- describe their version of DPoS as