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Though the blockchain is set to disrupt business processes, governance systems, and value exchange, no sector gets scared by the mention of this technology more than the banking and finance industries. Barely 10

Last week, it was revealed by Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler at Consensus Invest that one of the reasons Starbucks is involved with the upcoming Bakkt cryptocurrency exchange is due to a desire to

Security tokens, stable coins, scalability and regulations were hot topics at this year’s Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok which attracted over two thousand attendees from 50 countries. Despite the bearish trend of the crypto

Depending on whom you ask, The Lightning Network is either the most brilliant invention since Bitcoin itself, or just questionable vaporware that stunts the growth of Bitcoin. Yet regardless of this technological and

  The crypto revolution has been thwarted by the old guards for now. But more importantly, its progress has been impeded by focusing on the esoteric ideals and constant bickering amongst its leaders, too

Ripple and the IMF’s association has finally been revealed. At the Fintech Festival earlier this month, the two were represented in conversation and collaboration. IMF chairwoman gave a sweeping speech endorsing digital currencies,

Wyoming is a mountainous, sparsely-populated rectangle located in the middle of the United States. Despite its landlocked position, many Wyomingites are laying legal foundations to make it a harbor for the virtual world.

Cryptocurrency M&A activity has reached a record high as prices remain depressed, according to JMP Securities’ Satya Bajpai. As the cryptocurrency market continues to struggle to break free from bear territory, opportunists are looking