Previously, we have covered Columbia University–IBM Accelerator and had spotlighted one of the ten accelerated companies Connecting Food. Today, we highlight another company that was amongst the selected few: Securitize – “The Compliance Platform For

When we first reported about the cooperation between Columbia University and IBM in the blockchain space, we promised to keep our readers informed on the latest developments. In particular, we're going to focus

Alena Vranova might just be the greatest business strategist in Bitcoin - and possibly the entire crypto-space. When she co-founded Trezor, she helped establish the company as a household name in cryptocurrency security

Anarcho-capitalist and libertarian activist Jeff Berwick has an unshakeable vision of the future. From his debate during the Bitcoin Summit in Tel Aviv and in an interview to Crypto Insider, Berwick shares his ideas

In an exclusive interview, Crypto Insider's Usman Javed talks about cryptocurrency and ICO regulations in Thailand with Bhume Bhumiratana, SEC Consultant and academic. Issues ranging from the status of ICO to the criteria