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On October 3rd, 2010, early Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik took to BitcoinTalk to introduce a patch which increases the block size to 7 MB. It was an initiative which Satoshi Nakamoto himself quickly

There are a plethora of similar lists of blockchain influencers just a couple of clicks away. So, why make yet another one? Firstly, the most apparent reason is that these lists attract clicks…

In terms of demonstrating the virtues of the Lightning Network, Norwegian bitcoiner Hodlonaut is the man of the hour. In less than a month, he convinced over 150 bitcoin community members to join

On the evening of February 5th 2019, the Lightning Network has achieved a new goal in terms of adoption an publicity: "the touch of trust", consisting of an ever-growing quantity of satoshis which

Udi Wertheimer, despite being in the Bitcoin space for quite a few years and independently developing several projects, likes to call himself a noob. As you're about to find out in this exclusive

If you have made poor decisions with your investments and the crypto bear market has ruined your plans, then it's very likely that you will need some liquidity for various reasons. In order

Alena Vranova might just be the greatest business strategist in Bitcoin - and possibly the entire crypto-space. When she co-founded Trezor, she helped establish the company as a household name in cryptocurrency security

In a space which often finds itself in the middle of existential crises during bear markets, humor is always welcome. Crypto needs good entertainment, and it's always great when people share their talents