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ICOs have painted many headlines over the past two years. Many of those headlines included scam ICOs. Check out an FBI investigator’s take on the situation.

Unfortunately, the crypto space is flooded with an incredible amount of scams and schemes. The space has become a breeding ground for criminals. According to Chainalysis, $1 billion was appropriated by the scammers in

In 2018 criminals appropriated approximately $1 billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency.  However, "illicit transactions comprised less than 1% of all economic bitcoin activity in 2018, down from 7% in 2012". If the researchers were to consider the entire crypto market,

What if Bitcoin was an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, didn't require its own hardware to secure the network, and had its entire supply redistributed? This must be the premises on which the

Sweden's central bank has cautioned the public against firms and individuals proffering to sell the e-krona, describing them as fraudsters. The e-krona is the electronic version of the krona, Sweden’s national currency. According

The CEO of blockchain startup AriseBank, Jared Rice, is facing up to 120 years in prison for a million-dollar scam. 30 year-old Jared Rice was arrested by the FBI on the 28th of

Yobit.net has recently raised a significant amount of controversy and potential unethicality surrounding their broken platform and recent institutional pump. Well, today I am examining their community, which seems to be fraught with