The amount of money in a person’s wallet should not be a barrier to his ability to access financial products that the rich enjoy. HelloGold wants to remove affordability and accessibility from the equation through the democratisation and digitisation of gold-based savings and financing. 

HelloGold whitepaper

HelloGold is a gold-backed platform that aims to help the unbanked around the world. Robin Lee, CEO, reflects on the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis when people’s salaries issued in local currency were halved overnight. Stable assets such as gold are a potential answer, but then there are issues of logistics and fungibility of a weight physical asset. This is where the Gold-Backed Token (GBT) backed on an immutable ledger comes in. Lee summarizes the utility of tokenizing their gold saving platform, “In short, everyone can save, and everyone can have access to affordable financing. Democratization through digitization.”

Viberate is described as “your chance to enter into the booming live music industry.” The team aims to develop a thriving blockchain ecosystem for musicians and event managers by creating a social media and

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investFeed is a New York based “community powered social trading network” making the switch from US equities to cryptocurrency. Marketing itself as the “world’s first social investment network for the cryptocurrency community”, investFeed aims to develop cryptocurrency infrastructure for the industry. This is establishing a much-needed framework ready for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.