Crypto Insider is a news publication, a dedicated cryptocurrency development and consultancy group with the end-goal of giving back to the bitcoin community. As a news publication that’s about serious journalism in the crypto space – this is part of achieving that goal.

We aimed to create a serious, thoughtful and fact-driven news outlet that the crypto community deserves. With Crypto Insider, it’s exciting to say that we are well on our way to accomplishing this. Crypto Insider welcomes views from all over the world, with writers and experts from over 15 different countries.

We believe there’s a demand for carefully selected and curated articles written by professionals adhering to traditional journalism ethics.

Crypto Insider differs from other crypto news sources by focusing on long-form analytical pieces, investigative journalism and op-eds with less emphasis on breaking news. Our mission is to maintain high journalistic standards.

As we gather momentum, we’ll focus more on crypto frontiers and emerging markets in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa. We believe these are crucial areas for crypto adoption in the future which are currently not sufficiently covered by media. However, we’ll cover important developments in North America and Europe as well.

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