Daily Roundup – July 24, 2017

Daily Roundup – July 24, 2017

According to CoinDesk, BIP 91 creator James Hilliard has referred to the hard-fork portion as unrealistic and nutty. Specifically, Hilliard has been openly critical of the development timeline for the block size limit increase proposal.

According to CNBC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s commodity and derivatives strategist Francisco Blanch has compared the growth of digital currencies to the early days of gold and silver in ancient times. Having said that, Blanch also shared her belief that major financial institutions need to accept bitcoin for it to succeed.

Over on Medium, Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song has written an explanatory article about Bitcoin Cash, which is a new altcoin based on the current distribution of of tokens on the Bitcoin network.

According to Gizmodo, Jared Kushner has claimed that he received an email before the US Presidential election in which a hacker claimed he would release then candidate Trump’s tax returns if a bitcoin ransom was not paid.

According to Bleeping Computer, another Ethereum hack has occurred. This time, a hacker stole $8.4 million ether from the Veritaseum ICO.

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