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Future Man features Cryptocurrency jokes

What’s better than your favorite televison show making relevant jokes about some of the most important cryptocurrencies? As of April 2019, we have had several series that mentioned cryptos and featured them in their story lines.

Silicon Valley, Dope, Billions, and Almost Human, have all included Bitcoin in their scripts at least once. Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly relevant in mainstream media and entertainment. The more shows and films that mention these coins, the more people will be aware of their advantages and will become interested in learning more about them.

Most recently, some episodes of Future Man have been acknowledging cryptocurrencies as well.

First there’s Bitcoin

Hulu Original Future Man is a hilarious streaming comedy that leads on a voyage through time in an effort to prevent a history of deprivation and tyranny. Two freedom fighters of the future, Tiger (Eliza Coupe), and Wolf (Derek Wilson), warp back to our present in order to find their savior, Josh (Josh Hutcherson). All of these effort is part of an attempt to triumph against the totalitarian future.

In the very first episode, Wolf is rummaging through Josh’s things and accidentally breaks a knife with his hands. Josh freaks out and yells, “I paid my only bitcoin for that!”

It’s quite a humorous scene, as it brings back the feelings of those who sold their bitcoin for items that didn’t last as long as the king of cryptocurrencies, and never bought or mined any more to continue holding. Bitcoin will always triumph as being the first fully-functional and completely decentralized cryptocurrency, and that’s why it’s also the first to get mentioned on Future Man.

…and then Ethereum

Later on in Season 2, episode 9, high-tech genius Dr. Stu Camillo (played by Haley Joel Osment) includes a mention of the cryptocurrency Ethereum. The character had downloaded his brain into a computer and lives as a hologram. As Tiger is having a hard time with depression, Stu is concerned about her.

More specifically, he is worried about her habits, which include spending “80,000 Ethereum on bedazzled respirators” like it’s nothing. It’s amazing that you can buy not just respirators, but glamorous respirators with Ethereum, in Future Man’s prediction of the future. However, it is not implied in the episode if ether is the main currency of the times, or if it was just an alternative method of payment as it is today. If anything, it brings a good laugh about the amount spent on something unnecessary.


If Nothing Else

Perhaps there will be more references to Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies in the “future” of Hulu Original Future Man. It is wonderful to see mentions of what we previously used to call “fringe” money, being used as commonplace household terms in our favorite TV shows.

Perhaps cryptocurrency is not so fringe anymore. Perhaps the two trendsetters, Bitcoin and Ethereum, will be gaining more users through fans of the series. If nothing else, it makes us crypto fans happy to see relevant jokes in our favorite shows.


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