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Interview: BitLord

CryptoTwitter is filled with interesting more or less fictional characters who make use of humor and sarcasm to talk about everything going on in the space. In this impressive crowd of pop culture-related pseudonyms, BitLord happens to be one of the most followed, influential, unapologetically-honest, and original folks that you can find.

He’s like the Australian PiedPiper (whom we also interviewed), except that he never did an airdrop or ICO and he’s built his reputation as a successful trader and meme distributor. If you ever come across him and become subjected to his brutal sarcasm, then you’ve clearly messed up by doing or saying something wrong.

All of these qualities become clearer in this CryptoInsider exclusive interview where he gets to discuss the experience he’s acquired from being around the crypto world since 2012, witnessing other brutal bear markets, buying into two big ICOs, and feeling ashamed of the way Craig S. Wright represents Australia to the rest of the world. Furthermore, you get to find out the origin story of BitLord the Twitter character, why the tattooed cat was chosen as an avatar, and the Aussie’s business ventures outside of crypto.

This 52-minute interview has it all and it doesn’t matter if you’re into insightful comments or dank memes, there’s enough of everything to please anyone following BitLord on Twitter. It’s also a great way of understanding what a nice guy hides behind the evil cat picture.

Read the full transcript below:

Vlad Costea: BitLord… welcome to the Crypto Insider interview!

BitLord: Yeah, it is nice to be here. I am looking forward to getting this done, have some fun and talk about Crypto, it’s always exciting.

Vlad Costea: Oh yes. Especially in this bear market which people seem to make very depressing and pessimistic.

BitLord: Yeah, you know, you do get a lot of that… that’s market sentiment, everybody is putting themselves out there, you get some rough times and people do and say silly things. But also, a lot of that is also just classic crypto shit post, it’s like a lot of the guys have been in it for a long time, we like to joke, we like to have some fun, and you get some real quality memes, you get some great cracking jokes coming out at this time, because you need to continue having fun, continue having a laugh. Look, regardless of what’s happened in the price, you’ve got to enjoy yourself, so a lot of people that come into this scene newly, they are confused about what’s a classic shit post and what’s actually some of them are like, damn… this sucks. A lot of the shit posting and you just got to be aware about.

Vlad Costea: So, you have been around this space since 2012? Is that right?

BitLord: Yeah, 2012 is when I really got into it, and that’s when I just finished up my job in oil and gas, then it was just straight into Crypto from then. After that, I never looked back, it has been like that since. I probably had about a year and a half, maybe 2 years in total, where I started few manufacturing business, it destroyed me because it was away from what I really enjoyed doing, so it was like I was trying to do that part-time and Crypto, I was trying to balance the two but I guess my passion was always Crypto, so the best thing for me to do was to sell that and then be get back in Crypto with complete dedication.

Vlad Costea: So, you have seen quite a few market cycles, and this is not the first bear market that you are experiencing. But how do you compare this one to the previous one? It is definitely more brutal…

BitLord: No, anybody that says that wasn’t around, or they don’t know what they are talking about, because the last bear market, we had a massive run into 2013, and then we got 2014, 2015. That was different, this bear market… we know the crypto is going to be around, government are regulating, we are getting more and more exchanges, exchanges are high, we’ve got these big institutions, big investment companies that are legitimizing this space, the Security Exchange and Commission cracking down and they are cleaning up the space, all of them want to come on board.

Back then we didn’t even know this was going to be around, we didn’t even know this was fucking real, it felt like it was going to zero, we had everything going on with docks, we had everything going on with silk, we had China banning it and saying it is over, you couldn’t get money in and out of the exchange, it was a massive clusterfuck, we did not know it was going to be real. And then on top of that, at one stage we had a consensus floor, you know if you haven’t been around for a couple of years, you didn’t even know that it wasn’t going to zero, you had this constant news article saying, it is over… You’ve looked at it, and you had to have some strong boards, you really had to understand that hollow and it’s like it works in hollow. Guys like these days, this bear market is fucking luxury, we are not going anywhere, we know it is not going anywhere, so it is pure bliss mate, you just got to enjoy it.

Vlad Costea: But at the same time there was so much money that was being poured into Cryptocurrencies during the bull market, and you had institutions which got in and you had hedge funds, and now they are getting wrecked if they bought at a high price. So we also saw the closing of ETC Dev, which is one of the main developing teams of Ethereum classic.

BitLord: Yeah. That’s nothing, all of these is just is like a bunch of guys that ETC Devs, relatively unorganized in my opinion, and then we’ve got all of these other organizations like input, output, there is obviously run by Charles Hoskinson, who is an absolute genius in this space. He was involved in a lot of the early days stuff with Ethereum, largely for his input and for his work into Etherium and Ethereum wouldn’t be what it is today without Charles Hoskinson.

Also, Charles Hoskinson was behind a lot of the code of the economics, a lot of the structure regarding Bitshares through the early days, absolute genius, look at Bitshares today it’s still around, it’s still hosting USD BTC peg, bit assets to stable coins, and then he has gone along in his credit idea and he probably doesn’t get enough recognition for what he’s done in his space. He is taking custody over the ETC chains, his team are developing on that, so I have no worry whatsoever, it is just that some small shitty ETC Dev partners, what they are, they have just obviously run out of funding, they probably got offered more money somewhere else, they are probably applying for all of these bigger exchange, and startups are hiring, they have cash so… we are all in it for the tech until someone throws $600,000 a year, so let’s be realistic.

Vlad Costea: Okay, so if anyone looks at your Twitter feed, they might think that you are pretty arrogant and that you like to blast projects, you just like to be bitter and sometimes what some other people call a fluster in regards to some projects.

BitLord: Do you know what? It is what it is, and I see so much fucking crap in this space and people want to get swept off and taken up into the moon and believe all this bullshit, like this is going to be the next big thing… There was a period that I was watching these guys, one of these influencers that like to call themselves, they are paid by these companies to go ahead and produces amazing wonderful content, they suck a whole bunch of moves into these shit coin projects, then obviously they are down, 85%, 95% and I am just saying, it is what it is, it is what is going on, and obviously these people are investing in these projects, I am saying look, that’s not going to pick up, this is why… and people don’t want to believe it, they don’t want to believe the facts when put there, so I am not out there causing fight or anything like that, it’s just facts and people like to… it’s bias.

So, if they are obviously in a position, they are in a loss and I am saying something that be perceived to be bad about the projects, all that’s fine, because they don’t want to hear it, they don’t want to actually believe the reality, so… I do a lot of people, a lot of the smart people that follow me, and a lot of the people that actually see what it is I am saying when I am talking about projects, I have saved a lot of guys a lot of money, so I just want to go ahead and say, look, you really got to pay attention, and if you look to say something like, fuck this, Bitcoin is going to zero tomorrow, guys obviously, Bitcoin isn’t going to zero tomorrow, I am just enjoying myself, I am expressing myself with the classic shit post, and there’s not a lot of the need to see that and go, oh my God! this guy’s like fighting this space, so what’s going on, and he’s like man, let’s get the fuck out of there, it is not going to zero tomorrow, chill out, really, get a grip of yourself. That’s what it is, so, I guess that’s my thought, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, people are going to talk shit about everything, I am going to say whatever fuck I want, simple.

Vlad Costea: Do you have any ICOs that you consider that were worthy and were not scams?

BitLord: Oh yeah, of course, there’s plenty of ICOs that were not scams. I was involved in the second and third ICO and Crypto ever had, Bitshares and Ethereum, and the one that was before that, there’s been plenty over the years have been scams, but majority of them have been scams and also unregistered securities and that’s something a lot of people don’t want to talk about. Now, the Security Exchange Commissions have come out and said things like Ethereum security, they’ve got past that stage where… these days, it would be classified potentially as a security, but you know obviously it is a legacy change, we didn’t have a lot of rules and guidelines back then, so they just did what they did.

They are making the right decision, they are protecting a lot of people, a lot of money, but now something like that would be regarded as an ICO and likely illegal and unregistered security which 99% of these things actually are. And that’s just the fact, there is a lot of this stuff that actually investors… Read the front page of the answer, this is what it says, you are donating your money, you understand it, accept that you are donating your money, and you receive these tokens that are effectively worthless, and you understand that you are giving your money to us, we are going to take it and do what we like, that’s the front page in ICM, that’s how it is, and a lot of people don’t want to believe that, obviously they are still holding the these shit coin projects from late last year to early this year.

And by the way, ICOs are dead, ICOs are over, during the bull market, over the end of last year, January, February, March, April, May, a lot of people wanted to come at me and say, this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about, he’s causing fun, but look at where we are today, we are in the exact position that we thought we would be, so the facts are facts mate.

Vlad Costea: So, how do you position yourself in relation to the Bitcoin Maximalist perspective?

BitLord: Okay. First of all, tell me what’s a Bitcoin Maximalist Perspective?

Vlad Costea: Well, it depends. You have many schools of thoughts, you have these people who read the paper which Vitalik wrote in 2013 I think, or 2014, and they just define themselves as people who believed that Bitcoin is the only project that should exist which has a real used case or purpose. So, I guess that’s one school of thought, but at the same time there are also people who claim to be Maximalists, but at the same times say that Monero is kind of cool.

BitLord: Look, Monero is cool, it is a great project. But in regards to a lot of people that they are saying maximalist, we’ve got to see where a whole bunch of dick riders came into the space and they are like, I am a Bitcoin maximalist, they tried to sell themselves off like that, to try and grab some sort of attention, or think that they could be special like that, but in the end they are talking about being a maximalist.

Now, a lot of the maximalists that are out there are actually mentally unstable, quite a few of them are, I guess that’s a trait that we get with these characters, we also get a lot of that from the Ethereum sub-culture that is developed, I mean, have a look at Ethereum concept, they do these Ethereum meet-ups an it is like a hybrid, it is like a cross between Bit connects, like a stand-up TV show and then some shit crappy things that you say on it, like 3 in the morning, that’s what a lot of these Ethereum things look out to realize. I guess what I am saying is, there’s very few real maximalists out there, I respect their opinion, but they are outdated, because that way of thinking was maybe cool in 2012, 2013, and now there is a whole bunch of fantastic projects out there that they are going to deliver great things to the world and you just can’t be so narrow-minded in this modern day.

Vlad Costea: Okay, so right now, I am itching to ask this question… What’s your view on XRP?

BitLord: XRP is fantastic, they are doing great things in this space, a lot of people… and what I am talking about, people think it is cool to be a maximalist or something like that… a lot of people give XRP shit, because they don’t have the IQ to comprehend what is actually going on with the XRP, what are they actually doing? They get triggered by the fact that XRP is centralized, it was pretty more… and that is as far as they can go when it comes to XRP. But you got to understand that XRP is transforming the world’s banking system, they are doing great things, they are moving a lot of money, they are moving billions and millions of dollars, I think I just made that up, I don’t know what the figure is, but they are moving a lot of money, they do it very efficiently, and they have some very big banks on board.

I actually wrote a report a couple years ago, it was a pretty good one, now the scene has changed so much. But, in regards to external, centralized system, businesses, organizations, need to be centralized, that’s how the world works, that’s how things operate, if you have every dumb folk having an opinion on something, nothing is going to be done, that’s why some of these big wars on Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and other shit coin offspring that Craig Wright made… Moving on, XRP is fantastic, and it is going to be around for a while, I think it is something that you should be investing in, maybe, maybe not, the company, Ripple, are doing fantastic things, how the token is going to be related to the success of the company, we are really waiting for some clear ruling from the Security Exchanges Commission, I don’t know and I don’t care. So, we can obviously move on.

Vlad Costea: Okay, so let’s move on to some Australian related questions. Such as, what do you think about the recent policies that were announced by the government to crack down on cryptography and everything that is encrypted, so that they can have a key to every backdoor encryption.

BitLord: Look, I mean, this is sort of like… because the people that made these laws are guys that… basically, these guys that are making these laws, they are not exactly the brightest thoughts, they are putting out Australian tech companies back into the dark ages, they are really going back into this stuff, but it’s really becoming plain and I wonder if they are really that stupid or they really know what they are doing. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, the more I see, you just need to understand your privacy, where that puts you, so it really is sad, I think it’s ridiculous. Then again, I guess we are just a testbed for the rest of the world, they can get away with anything, nobody challenges them, nobody stands up, they just push it and rush it. So these guys are very crap, it’s quite sad mate.

Vlad Costea: I think the second question which is related to Australia is, how does it feel to be from the same country as Craig S. Wright?

BitLord: That guy is a disgrace, he is an absolute disgrace… I met this dude from Holland yesterday, and he was talking like, he thought Craig Wright had a legitimacy, that maybe he did and maybe he didn’t, and I had to stop this guy and say, Yo, snap the fuck out, this guy is a first-class scammer.

Now, all he sees is Craig Wright, tangent and the way he goes on about, a lot of people get sucked into that and its kind of what blocks everybody, he says anything not right about him, he has a lot of choice, his Block worth is like probably 50,000, 80,000 plus long. So, for him, when he says something, he has a lot of obviously unstable fans and things like that promote his vision, obviously a lot of patrons as well. So, people do get sucked in to that, they obviously follow him,, but this guy is a disgrace. And I guess there is a lot of bad people in Australia, and obviously it doesn’t represent the whole lot of us. Did I answer your question?

Vlad Costea: A bit, you are much more diplomatic that I expected. So, you just slam Craig Wright, but at the same time you try to defend your national pride which is a noble cause in itself…

BitLord: Australians are awesome, we are awesome guys, I go around the world, anybody that I am Australian, they start talking, hey, what’s up, like everyone’s free, because we are cool people. But when we have some fucking clown like this running around the country, going to China, talking shit, just making absolute buffoon of himself, it doesn’t really reflect good on us, if that’s someone’s first experience of an Australian. So, I guess one day, maybe they just need to keep him out of the space completely. It is sad that he gets so much fucking airtime, but it’s good entertainment, you give that guy a mark and watch the shit he dribbles… I understand, and I do.

Vlad Costea: How do you feel about the fact that he said that he has much more money than… I don’t want to be wrong about this, but I think the country was… it wasn’t Ghana, which one was with the genocide?

BitLord: Yeah, this guy is… we have seen this guy come and say he is Satoshi, he’s got all these coins, he created Bitcoin etcetera. This is this same motherfucker that was trying to get in touch with his best friend who had died, to take his coin from the mother, he is going to say and do anything, but have we ever seen anything from this guy, we have only ever seen him talk shit, and all his stuff is being debunked in the past. Anything that comes out of this guy’s mouth, you just can’t believe, you really can’t. It’s interesting to me, having this conversation about Craig Wright, quite simply, he needs to go fuck himself…

Vlad Costea: Yeah, the country was Rwanda, I am sorry I had this factual inaccuracy and I said Ghana.

BitLord: No… you can tell me it is the city on the far side of the moon, that’s the sort of shit this guy comes up with, there is no fact, so he said, you could make it up, it’s still a lot of fact, it is whatever he said, it is bullshit.

Vlad Costea: At the same time, maybe I should ask you about Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s vision, which they claim to be the government and the enterprise-friendly version of Bitcoin.

BitLord: Is that how they’re marketing this shit? Wow! Do you know what? Actually a lot of people in this space ask me about Bitcoin, STO, IBC, and is like, I can’t keep up with this shit, there is going to be a new one tomorrow. The fact is, it’s all bullshit, it’s all a distraction, and if you are a noob getting sucked into this, it is a real shame and I just want to reach out too and let you know, that it’s all bullshit, it’s all fake, it’s all nothing, don’t put your money in anywhere fucking near, there is one Bitcoin and there will only ever be one Bitcoin, simple.

Vlad Costea: Okay, let’s move on from this controversial discussion which has turn out to be more conscious than I expected.

BitLord: It is definitely not controversial, it’s like this and it is not like that. Are you telling me that you have interviewed people that believe in Bitcoin SBM and IBC, really?

Vlad Costea: No, I never interviewed them… I don’t think they want to be interviewed actually, they use their own propaganda, because Bitcoin has bitcoin.com and Bitcoin cash SV have their own media and they have coin geek I think, on which they post press releases and anything that has to do with media and PR, so they don’t interviews, they avoid as much as possible to get exposed, to answer hard questions, they are just talking to echo chambers, and that’s where the problem is.

BitLord: Okay, yes, you know exactly what’s going on in the space, you set up beautifully for everybody, but the sad thing is a lot of noobs in the space, they get sucked up in all these propaganda, it is like coming across one little article, or one little interview and before you know it, they are in echo chamber themselves and they become like totally warped on that, and that’s where a lot of these low IQ trolls develop their supporters, fans, shills…

Vlad Costea: You know I am Romanian, and we have some exchanges in this small country, which probably most people don’t know how to point on the map, but we do have some Bitcoin exchanges, and I saw a Twitter post by one of them which is called Bit Mahavi, and they published an article in which they basically promoted Bitcoin Cash SV and said that is the next big thing just because it had this phenomenal rise which was obviously a quick pump last week.

And I reached out to them and I said, do you know what you are doing is very wrong? And actually you are not even selling Bitcoin Cash SV, so what difference does it make? What’s the point? And they became very defensive, I guess they got paid for that piece and they just told me, you know, we got our information from 5 different sources, so how can you actually compete with 5 different sources?

BitLord: I am going to give you a part to it, mate, you just can’t engage with these people, it is like butting your head into what you are never going to get through, none of it is ever going to make sense and you are just going to waste your time, so when you said that stuff, as sad as it is, the smartest thing to do is just sadly walk on…

Vlad Costea: I guess it’s a good time to cheer up and play a little game which is called, what is the shape of this chart? Which implies that we take a look at trading view for the BTC USD graphs and then take a look at the different graphs, and I ask you what the shape of it looks like, it is some sort of Freudian exercise, you know when the psychiatrist shows you some kind of stains cards, and you have to make something out of them with your imagination. So?

BitLord: I don’t know…

Vlad Costea: On the Bitfinex chart, for the one-day graph, what do you think this looks like?

BitLord: Show me…

Vlad Costea: Do I send you a link, I am not sure how I am going to edit this…

BitLord: Probably before we started this… Okay, what day and what timeframe? I am looking at it; can you give me that information?

Vlad Costea: So, on the one-day graph on Bitfinex.

BitLord: Okay, the one-day graph on Bitfinex, and over what timeframe? So, from about February last year, what am I looking at? I see moon, lambo, truck, chopper, yacht, oh shit, fuck you, Island, okay… That’s what I am looking at, does it make sense? That makes perfect sense.

Vlad Costea: Yeah, but what about the entire shape, does it look like a dinosaur or something?

BitLord: I just told you what it looks like, it looks like lambos, moons, islands, fucking yacht, choppers and then it looks fucked. But now, it is looking like alright to die… start getting some action with the volume, I am getting excited. No, if anybody says that looks like a dinosaur, I think they need to get checked out, because that doesn’t look like a dinosaur, it doesn’t look like anything else…

Vlad Costea: Okay, I believe your vision on reality which is much more sane than Satoshi’s vision.

BitLord: Who showed you Satoshi’s vision? In the next bull market… Everyone is going to say Satoshi’s true vision in the next bull market…

Vlad Costea: The next bull market is coming anytime soon, or do you think it will coincide with the launch of a more mainstream and friendly version of the Lightning network?

BitLord: I get a lot of these questions… How long do you think this bear market will last, do you think it could be that we have a bull?

Vlad Costea: Oh, you mentioned it, I wasn’t about to ask you, then you said… Just wait until the next bull runs and sees Satoshi’s vision, okay.

BitLord: I think we are presented with a very unique buying opportunity for Bitcoin right now, and I think… I don’t know when the bottom is, all I know is that we are being presented with a unique opportunity. So, even if we did break under 3K and we pay a visit to the upper twos, the upper thousands, God forbid…

That’s a very unique opportunity, I know there is a lot of great things happening for the Bitcoin echo system, we obviously have a lot of new exchanges coming in, we have a lot of access for these noobs to be click, click, verified, bam… buy Bitcoin, buy crypto, and I think that’s going to be pretty spooky for the next bull market when a lot of the world is open to crypto, and it is so easy for them to use click, click to buy some of the shit, it is going to get interesting, so I really feel like whatever is happening over the next 6 months, a year, 2 years, it’s just going to be accumulation because eventually we are going to have access to everyday norms, the clickable buttons and these people are going to buy it, they are going to pump in, and keep buying, and then you dump your wages into it, every week there will be subscription services, they have got to allocate $100 a week in your wage to Bitcoin, it’s going to the moon or it is going to zero, I don’t want to put my money in s moon.

Vlad Costea: Okay. So, I see that you are very active on Twitter, and at some points, a couple of months ago, you mentioned that you were going to sell your account to somebody else, how can I be sure that you are the same person or that you are be person behind the account? Did any of your views change in the meantime?

BitLord: No. Obviously it is me on here, I am not a clone or a robot. But there was obviously a group of people that wanted to buy the account, they bought it for 657 BTC, I have been trying to get it back since, I obviously still have my Instagram handles, that’s it, I am trying to get it back. As we speak, these guys are playing hardball, if it works out for me that Bitcoin is half price, so I wonder what the account’s is going for now. And on that note, I know there is quite a few other guys who sold their accounts and are still looking to sell their accounts, so you just got to be smart about this stuff, really smart.

Vlad Costea: Do you think that Kevin Farm has also sold his account? Because right now he supports Satoshi’s vision?

BitLord: Yeah, possibly. I think that’s very likely, obviously people need money in this bear market, when you are getting an offer for a couple of hundred bucks, your account, maybe some of these people take it, because they know no legitimate person would sell their account to push this Bitcoin SV button whatever it is, so… It is unfortunate that we’ve seen Kevin go down that path.

Vlad Costea: So, who do you recommend to follow on Twitter just to get funny jokes, interesting insights, maybe some technical analysis on what’s going on with the price, and maybe some news, regarding crypto?

BitLord: I have got a pretty cool feed, so when I go to Twitter, I get everything, I get the shit posting, I get the memes, I get a bit of TA, I get a bit of trolling, a lot of laughs, a bit of information, a bit of the latest bullshit headlines, I’ve got it all. If you pretty much follow who I am following, you will get a good dose of everything. I like the way that my information comes through, I am very choosy about what it is that I want to see…

I might follow someone because they are really dumb, but they are providing me some insights, or they are really smart and they just post TI and it is like always have to log on to trading views, I have a million apps on my phone that shows me this shit, it is like if this guy is going to post something once or twice a day, or once or twice a week or something like that, enough of an update. Is there a list or something I could give you to recommend these people? There’s probably plenty out there, but I don’t particularly have one, just the guys that I follow, I’ve got a good spread.

Vlad Costea: How did you come up with the character, Sir BitLord?

BitLord: That’s a really good question, I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that.

Vlad Costea: I mean, you have that creepy dog, and up to this point, before doing my research, before this interview, and I have actually watched some other interviews with you, I have no idea you actually show up your face, I thought you were just like the others, like Randy Marsh and what’s the other guy?

BitLord: I don’t know… I guess back in the early days I wasn’t really showing my face, I did go get to a stage where I’ve got a photo of myself and I thought I would have changed it to be back to the cat. Yeah, it’s actually a cat, it’s not a dog, I don’t know how you thought that was a dog, that’s a cat, cat rule the internet, there is no way I would have a dog as my profile picture.

Even though I love dogs and dogs love me, that is a cat, that is a tattooed cat in a tuxedo. I came up with the name because I learnt something about Bitcoin, that obviously Bitcoin is made up of many bits, and then it wasn’t just Bitcoin, it’s like, it flows through everything in life, everything is connected, there is bits of everything and I always saw that if you had all these bits, control these bits, and you know what is going on in this bits, that would be pretty cool. So, I just sort of made up a name, it just popped into my head, I thought of BitLord, like everything is bit, you must be very good at it.

Vlad Costea: …Why was it a Lord and not maybe a Duke?

BitLord: I am pretty sure a Duke is shit, I mean, a Duke is like average… I guess, isn’t it? I am not up to that with the punk low, it sounds like no one wants to be a Duke, that sounds good.

Vlad Costea: Okay, as far as I know you have the lords, and I think the Dukes are more scarce, there is few of them, let me check. You also have the Earls, so a Duke is the senior to a Marcus or a Marquez, who is a senior to an Earl, who is also a senior to a Baron.

BitLord: Yeah.

Vlad Costea: They are all lords, so the Duke is the highest kind of lord. Okay, so you can be any type of lord, you can be a Duke, you can be an Earl or you can be a Baron.

BitLord: BitLord, there we go…

Vlad Costea: So, do you have any specific story about that cat and why you chose it?

BitLord: That’s a magical cat, that cat is the baddest cat on the internet, you do not fuck with that cat, so simple. It is very hard to find this cat on the internet, like there’s been imitations, there’s been also some bullshit out there, but it is very hard to find this cat, it is. So, obviously, this cat is catty, pretty serious looking character, he’s in a tuxedo, professional, you don’t want to mess with that cat, so that’s what I am saying, it is just hard to find the cat, just don’t mess with the cat.

Vlad Costea: It looks imposing. So when you deal with this cat, you know you are into shit, you don’t want to argue too much.

BitLord: It’s pretty friendly, serious. It took me a long time to find this creature, and when I found it, I was quite impressed, the way I came across it, because it was really pretty hard to somebody else to find it as well, and there was a very good chance that nobody in the world was using this as an avatar and nobody would. So, I took it upon myself, I adopted the cat, we became really friends and he’s a cool cat. I have seen few people try to use it here and there and I am like, Yo, what are you doing? That’s my online presence, I don’t think I have ever used a profile picture, because the cat is like company.

Vlad Costea: Oh yeah. It is part of your brand I guess? And speaking of brands, I see that you are mentioning in your description that you build brands, businesses and services. So, tell me more about that?

BitLord: Okay, so the brand that I built a couple of years ago was a food manufacturing thing, I built a pretty cool brand, I was just starting to get to practice… it was my first opportunity to build a really good brand, connect with an audience and go ahead and do that. I love that, I really loved it, because I like selling stuff and I like creating things and I like to do things in the best of the best. So, if I am making a chip for example, I want the best chip on the planet, I don’t want to just make some average, standard chip that anybody can make or something that doesn’t taste right. It needs to be the best of the best because I am making that and I want to eat the best of the best chip.

So, I obviously went from there and I went into crypto and it was more like everybody just sort of stayed low, just off the grid, so really get out and do too much. And then the past couple of years, I have been wanting to step out more and be more sort of a normal person, let’s put up basis, let’s have fun, let’s introduce these few things. So, I wanted to create a new brand, not exactly crypto, it’s a nutraceutical company, and it’s like one of the latest things right now is, nootropics, one of the next best big things is going to be neural hacking. So, what I am doing is, I am creating one of the first really good brands in that space since taking online… it takes a lot of work, it takes a lot of research and I am just compiling everything, getting it all together to create a really good nutraceutical brand, which I don’t think anybody is doing exceptionally well right now, either. So, that’s the whole thing behind the brands.

Also, there is a startup that I am working on, it was called G-trainer prime, basically the trading competition where people connect their accounts to Bitmex, everybody buys in for registration, the person with the highest ROI wins the quote, and that was the idea behind G-trainer prime, it doesn’t ring, it doesn’t feel right so we rebranded that to where it was, it was perfect, made sense, everybody is going to get on board with that. So, going into rebrand now, and hopefully can launch it this month, we were supposed to launch the rebrand a couple of months ago… so that’s the next thing. And then I feel like, in 2019, I am going to more sort of focus on my actual personal brand, what is it about, sort of give people a bit more of me, which I have never really done, so I am working on… and again, I built this thing, it feels like last year, this website, I am going to launch it, maybe this month, it is all about a lot of stuff, it’s all about branding, I feel that the core of branding is just really showing something for what it is, if it is the best, show us, why is it the best? How is it the best? Give us the statistics, and really so they are making the product sharper, so that’s what I am doing with regarding the brands, services… it has a bit to do with branding as well, so I am working on this thing… let’s call it a manual, the manual that you need for crypto, the manual that when we get into crypto, it’s so hard to find the information, it’s like you want to learn about something, it’s just so much misinformation, so many different pathways, it can realty lead you astray.

So, what we wanted to create was a crypto couple, somewhere that you go, it has an absolute comprehensive information menu, so you can learn everything about crypto all in one spot, you can learn the market psychology, trading, risk management, a lot of the history etcetera, just comprehensive, a great introduction to new people coming into this space. So, that’s another thing regarding branding, there’s services as well, we are trying to provide an educational service. So, that’s brand, services, and it sort of covers the business spectrum as well, because obviously we are creating these things as ‘stand-alone’ businesses. So, the next real fun thing for me would be that, for probably a good part of the next 5 years.

Vlad Costea: So, do you think that if you never got into Bitcoin in 2012, you would still be just as involved in this projects or have the same aspirations?

BitLord: Definitely not… If I didn’t get into Bitcoin back in 2012, then I would not be where I am today, trying these new things, having an open mind to different things that you can do, that you can achieve. So, Bitcoin was essential to where I am at today.

Vlad Costea: So, let’s imagine that you are 16 or 18 right now, and you are just discovering Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, what would you work on and what would you invest in and what would you feel excited about?

BitLord: If you are just coming into this space now, and you are a youngin, you need to be very smart, everybody coming into this space needs to be very smart. But, don’t get distracted by all of these entertainment, this thing is entertainment, there is so much fun to be had, these kids these days, when they go to the internet, they start wasting a lot of time on games, memes… I will see this as an opportunity, coming into this space at 16 years old, because if you apply yourself to a specific field, and you really absorb that information, you are going to do great things, because there’s so much opportunity, so don’t waste your time.

Really, there’s so many opportunity, if you are smart and dedicated, and you want to push yourself, it is so easy to jump along with the startup or some sort of organization as whatever it might be, to go ahead and develop your skills, a lot of these kids waste time on video games and it is like, if you are aware of crypto and you are not actively researching, studying, learning from this space, that’s cool, go on and finish school and go on to the university, and I am going to say it right now. In my opinion, schools these days, they just teach basic shit, a lot of shit that we don’t need to know, they don’t teach you how to think for yourself, they teach you what to think so that you can go ahead and obviously apply that like a robot. But, the things is, if you are smart enough and you have enough drive, you don’t need to be in school, but you need to be very disciplined, you need to be very strict and don’t waste any time. So, that’s what I have to say.

Vlad Costea: So, what is your background in terms of formal education? Did you finish high school or university?

BitLord: Yeah, I also finished high school. I went to school in a country town for a long time, and it was wild, we used to have some wilds, and it was insane. There was a lot of crazy shit going down, really great, so I loved it. Then I came down here, in the Southern part of Australia, a really nice primary school, which was a huge shock to me, I finished year 11 and 12 there. And then I had the option that I wanted to go to the university. To be honest, I was too dumb to go to the university, it was never really me, or I could get involved in the oil and gas industry.

First year, I was earning more than most people would in their jobs and I am getting paid to learn and I am going to come out with massive cash, so it made sense to me, and I was like why would I go to the university? So, I had become an apprentice, I was an apprentice Boilermaker coated welder, I came out and I was very good at what I did, and then I got bored because there wasn’t a lot of work, I got bored and I was very good, so I needed distraction, so I started taking drugs and shit, that was a really big mistake, it offset me for a long time and then I got back on my feet, and I started working on ROVs (Robotic Operated Vehicles), I started studying environmental management systems…

Things were going on fantastic, and that’s when I moved away from that into crypto, it was about when I started getting really good at it now, a little bit bored, a little bit constricted in the organization I was, a lot of politics, obviously I was a very young boy, and it was very hard… you’ve always got some older guy, staring away or something like that… it’s like okay, if you are good enough you should get the opportunity, I did it and you know the long term health effect of the industry, I quit, and then I moved into crypto and never looked back, that’s a bit of my background.

Vlad Costea: That’s actually fascinating, and at the same time, the ventures that you are exploring right now are not strictly crypto. I remember speaking with crypto guy Nye, earlier this week, I think he calls himself Crypto Shill Nye sometimes, it depends. But he started a marketing team, or company, and I guess it is the natural evolution, if you are becoming influential on Twitter, or in any kind of social media, regarding anything, it makes sense to provide consultancy and provide your expertise in the field, and just do PR and media, stuff like that, just because you are popular and you have big following and you know how to handle these large amounts of people. But instead, as far as I can see, you have like 88,000 followers on Twitter, so I guess you can do the same, but you have different divergent interests, you are actually pursuing your own passion and your own calling…

BitLord: Yeah, that’s like if I am gay, I would try to fuck guys, but I am not, it’s like it all depends on what you want to do, I don’t want to do that. Could I do it? Of course, and I am very good at it, I am actually working on… this is not crypto-related to it at all, I actually advice for people, to help grow their Twitter accounts, what they need to do for their PR, the whole business spectrum behind that. And it’s funny, because I looked at that, do I want to do that full time? No, I want to set that up, I want to automate that as a business so it is running for me, I don’t want to be doing that as my thing, I want someone else to be doing that for me, so that’s what I am in the process of setting up now, I will be running social media for a number of local places here, and then I will go ahead and I will use that data for the revenue, etcetera and I will go ahead and contact online businesses just like that. I will look at that model and I am like, do I want to do that?

Yeah, and I want someone else to do it for me because it’s not my interest, can it pay enough? I mean, if you want to make some real money through influencing, you need to be business minded, it’s a fact, then you can make some killing… but you need to automate things and you need to be very efficient on how you do it. But, I’d say that, looking at the crypto market, there’d be some decent money in there, but that’s what it comes down to, doing what you enjoy, it’s so important to do what you enjoy, you can’t pay me enough to suck dicks, so that’s what I am saying, it all comes down to what you enjoy and how much you want to get paid for doing something. And you can literally… if you are watching or reading this right now, it is that simple, get your passion, what you like, start working on it, start developing it, start researching it, start pursuing it, because there is money there, if you are passionate about something, there is always money there, so it’s that simple guys, you can look at things like guys that have managed to come up from absolutely nothing to very successful, all they really did was pursue their passion and what they are good at, so that’s my thoughts on it.

Vlad Costea: That was actually so good and influential, that I don’t want to ruin it by asking anything else. So, that’s like the perfect ending that you can have to any interview, you just summed up some very important points which I guess anyone from any field regardless of their opinion on cryptocurrency, should be watching or listening. So, thank you so much BitLord, I am not sure if that what you like to be called, but I would call you BitLord because that’s your Twitter name. and I hope that I would be interviewing you again when that website of yours gets launched so I can ask you more specific questions about what you are planning, and maybe that cryptocurrency guide that you mentioned, that also seems interesting, that I can write about it, because that’s my main job.

BitLord: Yeah, there is going to be 3 of them, there is going to be the Wild Wars, once that’s rebranded, there is going to be this nutraceutical company, that should be this month, then we have my own personal page, which is pretty much ready to go, I already got a few articles and stuff ready to drop in and start it going, but it is just… Sometimes I just go away from not now, focus on this, hesitate on finishing touches, really stay focused, working so many things, it is so easy to get distracted and then push things back because something gets in the way and you are going to manage and organize across the spectrum and the next one will be the crypto cookbook, that should be second quarter, 2019.

Vlad Costea: Okay, I look forward to that and I am happy we talked, this was a great interview especially in the second part once we moved on past Craig Wright.

BitLord: Yeah, I enjoy these things, I really do, you are an awesome guy, I had fun, I liked talking to you, it is good to get out there, and tell a bit of your story and hopefully help people in pointing in the right direction at the end of the day, so thanks very much man, I really do appreciate it.

Vlad Costea: Okay, I’ll see you again in another interview, bye…

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Vlad is a political science graduate who got a little tired and disillusioned with the old highly-hierarchical and centralized world and decided to give this anarchistic blockchain invention a little try. He found out about Bitcoin in 2014, had to do a presentation about it at Sciences Po Paris in 2015, but was too foolish to buy any. Now that he’ll never be a crypto millionaire and hasn’t acquired his golden ticket to lifelong financial independence, he’ll just write op-eds on various topics.

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