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Interview: Udi Wertheimer on being a Bitcoin noob

Udi Wertheimer, despite being in the Bitcoin space for quite a few years and independently developing several projects, likes to call himself a noob. As you’re about to find out in this exclusive 72-minute interview, Udi refers to his noobness as a perpetual state of learning: no matter how much he knows at one point, there is always much more knowledge to gain.

The Israelian bitcoiner also acknowledges the merits of Pierre Rochard’s Lightning Node Launcher, confesses to be running a Casa node, and appears to be optimistic about the potential of the Lightning Network in helping BTC scale. Another tool that he recommends in conjunction with everything else is Wasabi Wallet, which he describes as a different privacy-driven experience that should make all users become more wary of their activity on the blockchain.

When asked about the safety of hardware wallets (like the Trezor and the Ledger devices, which were proven to be vulnerable), Udi made it crystal clear that these gadgets should be kept away from physical access in order to remain secure.

An essential point that Mr. Wertheimer makes concerns the idea that money as a bearer asset should be private: if Bitcoin acquires a greater amount of privacy, then it will be more like real money and won’t turn into “money for criminals”. In support of his argument, he makes an eloquent comparison : cash is used by everybody, and only a small fraction of those people break the law with their purchases or transactions. Likewise, Bitcoin’s efforts to become truly fungible should not be regarded as an attempt to ease criminal activities.

Other topics that can be found include Ethereum’s value proposition in the dawn of the Constantinople hard fork, the ambitions of the two Mimble Wimble implementations, and altcoins as more or less technologically-useful inventions.

As a closing note, Udi talks about some Bitcoin-related events that he attended in the month of January. One of them was an unexpectedly-successful 10-year anniversary party, and the other was a Bitcoin-only conference where he had a panel.

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