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Notre-Dame Cathedral fire and PBWS

Image source – Chicago Tribune

The Paris Fire Brigade is working to save one of its own prized buildings today as firefighters make attempts at pushing back the blaze that engulfed the north tower. The source of the fire is unknown at this time but is believed to have started in the attic after closing time of the cathedral.

Some of our own team from are there to take part in the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS) which begins this week and this is what one of our writers on the ground in Paris had to say.

“There was smoke covering the sky. People didn’t seem panicked but everyone was sharing it on social media”

– Inbar Preiss, writer

It is nice to see that people are not going into a panicked frenzy on the ground in Paris but this is still a potentially huge loss for France and the French people. The Notre-Dame Cathedral is an iconic building that greater than 10 million people visit annually, while it also contains a large number of irreplaceable artistic works.

CNN is currently keeping up with the latest news around the fire and you can check on the most recent events by going here. They are continuously updating that page to keep everyone up-to-date.

So far there have been no casualties reported yet, and we hope it stays that way. Our hearts go out to the brave souls fighting the fire in order to make an attempt at saving the historic cathedral.

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