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The public must once again pick a side as the coin seemingly engages in a civil war among its proponents. This whole BCH fork ordeal

Google and Target are the latest to fall victim to malicious actors who hijack official ‘verified’ Twitter accounts in order to promote a “Bitcoin Giveaway

Bitcoin shows strength relative to the 2013 bear market, as IBM works with Stellar, Amazon gains two patents, XRP continues its security classification battle, and

Bitcoin is not on the minds of nearly as many people as it was during the holidays last year due to the popping of the

Unlike many industries which are still trying to figure out how to use cryptocurrency to enhance their services and progress their technology, global banking seems

OneGramCoin (OGC), the first Sharia finance law compliant cryptocurrency backed by at least one gram of gold is set to begin trading on Trade Satoshi.

Crypto predictions from January, crypto VR application, more crypto fraud, discussion on China's relationship with crypto, and Bitfinex raising withdrawal fees. Catch up on today's

In recent times, governments around the world have charted a new course for cryptocurrency regulation, and it's one that seeks to exclude privacy coins. Moving

Ryan Selkis, Aka TwoBitIdiot on Twitter and Medium, published his "95 Crypto Theses for 2018" on January second of this year - and it includes some

In-game virtual transactions were one of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original visions when creating Bitcoin, but it is the Ethereum blockchain that is really taking that idea

An interview with ETC's Donald McIntyre, Bitfinex struggles, AT&T and T-Mobile lawsuits, and Bitcoin comments and predictions filled crypto headlines today. Take a minute to

On November 5th 2018, Ethereum Classic Dev Team member Donald McIntyre spoke with Crypto Insider's Vlad Costea in order to address the status-quo and future

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