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What if Bitcoin was an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, didn't require its own hardware to secure the network, and had its entire supply redistributed? This must be the

Bitcoin's falling prices in 2018 apparently did not deter darknet payments via the asset. Last year's end saw twice the number of BTC darknet transactions.

Home to 54 countries, the most on any continent, Africa's growth in finance and banking has not been tremendous. Out of the unbanked population in the world, 350 million of

The cryptocurrency community has a lot to keep up with. There are many different aspects of the networks that get debated in the crypto-community constantly. From blocksize, to blocktime,

It's not very often that a new cryptocurrency protocol receives so much attention from Bitcoin community members. And if we're talking about altcoins, the chances for BTC maximalists to

The infamous domain Bitcoin.com is once again in the midst of a crypto drama. John Carvalho, best known in the Bitcoin community as the ever-cynical and brutally honest Bitcoin

Karl Marx's "The Communist Manifesto" and "The Capital" are two of the most influential books in modern history. It's thanks to these writings that leaders in the Western world

Bitcoin has remained relatively uneventful recently, seeing mostly range-bound activity. Let's see what the charts possibly imply about bitcoin's price.