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A vast number of technical analysis (TA) indicators exist. One interesting choice in possible relation to the crypto space is John Bollinger's %b indicator.  

Bitcoin has remained exciting, fluttering in the low $5,000 range. Although, the asset still faces possible difficulty above. Let’s go to the charts!

Bitcoin's price has been stuck in the same boring range over the past several days. Let's check out what the charts might say about the state of bitcoin.

BTC was uneventful, Currency.com launched security token trading, Cryptopia saw hacks, a former U.S. rep. commented on regulation and SBI Crypto invested in BRD.

Bitcoin has remained relatively uneventful recently, seeing mostly range-bound activity. Let's see what the charts possibly imply about bitcoin's price.

Each trader has their own bias on which indicators work for them. One indicator sometimes referenced in the crypto space are the Bollinger Bands.