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In the year 2019, the term blockchain is so ubiquitous that the Oxford dictionary has felt compelled to include its definition, and text processors no longer highlight it as

On April 12th 2019, a Hollywood movie which covers the topic of cryptocurrencies and their impact on the world is going to get released in theatres. It's generically titled

On March 7th 2019, Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has posted a tweet about acquiring a Trezor hardware wallet via CashApp (a mobile payment tool developed by his

As of March 2019, everybody and their mother has already heard about the Lightning Network and its potential. If Jack Dorsey, CEO and founder of Twitter, received the LN

R.L. Bryer, also known as The Pittsburgh Hodlr, is among the early Bitcoin adopters who decided to remain low key. According to his story, he stumbled upon Satoshi's invention

Warren Buffett stated his less-than-positive thoughts on bitcoin last year. Recent comments from Buffett show he still doesn’t favor crypto's largest asset.

For somebody who recommends himself as a computer programmer, Chris DeRose definitely has a lot to offer in terms of understanding of social phenomena. And for somebody who once

One chart pattern may be playing out, hinting a reversal might be just around the corner. A golden cross might be coming in the not too distant future.