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Another week has passed as the crypto space. Many headlines rolled in while bitcoin's price remained in a similar range as last week. Get the details!

In its continued pursuit to add additional crypto assets, Coinbase announced the addition of Stellar Lumens (XLM) to its Coinbase Pro platform.

This week provided a lot of interesting headlines in the crypto space while bitcoin still remained fairly indecisive. Catch up on the details!

Yesterday, Coinbase announced it will transition certain Neutrino team members out who previously worked with a controversial company named Hacking Team.

If you go on Twitter and look for the #DeleteCoinbaseTrustChain, you will find many disillusioned cryptocurrency enthusiasts who condemn the expansion decisions of industry giant Coinbase. More specifically, it's

This week, bitcoin remained indecisive and projects moved forward, as February quietly faded into March. Catch the details of this week’s action!

Recently, I was invited to be one of the judges for the Columbia Venture Competition where I had a chance to review ten blockchain startups that had been founded

After months of anticipation, Coinbase Pro finally has announced support for XRP.