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The 2017 entrants in the cryptocurrency industry have now experienced both the immediate bull market and the subsequent downtrend of 2018. As a result, this group of community members

Bitfinex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, announced that it has removed the minimum equity of $10,000 that was required to start trading on a new

Peter Brandt just became bullish and thinks that Bitcoin (BTC) could go as high as $50,000. In a recent tweet that went viral in the crypto community, he explained how

Technical analysis provides the necessary tools to anticipate if there is a bear or bull market on the horizon. There are many indicators that can be employed to determine

Did CNBC really say that Bitcoin, along with some of the best-performing stocks of the decade, is not an investment? – Yes and no. In a piece called “Don't

Interest in cryptocurrencies is growing steadily all over the world despite the stagnant market prices. As these digital assets mature, one issue confronting the industry is cryptocurrency storage –

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly changing the world's financial ecosystem. At the core of this change is financial freedom, giving individuals the power to manage their own financial assets.  As much

On April 12th 2019, a Hollywood movie which covers the topic of cryptocurrencies and their impact on the world is going to get released in theatres. It's generically titled