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Aneta Karbowiak, a senior writer at EOSwriter (a publication focused on reporting news related to the ongoing development of EOS, one of the largest smart contract-enabled decentralized application deployment

Trevor Koverko, the founder of the Polymath Network, a decentralized protocol for raising capital and creating security tokens, has explained what the limitations are of Ethereum’s ERC-20 compliant tokens. According

Johnny Kolasinski, the Head of Community at XYO, a “people-powered” location network run on a “decentralized data oracle,” recently shared his views and insights with Crypto Insider. Kolasinski, a former

On October 3rd, 2010, early Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik took to BitcoinTalk to introduce a patch which increases the block size to 7 MB. It was an initiative which

The bear market of the last few months has taken its toll on Bitcoin’s mining industry. But perhaps this is a positive effect by creating a more decentralized mining

There have been numerous incidents involving Apple products and their closed source software which raises concerns about the dangers, risks and security issues of using proprietary software. According to Reuters'

Decentralized, open cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero introduce possibilities that others are yet to conceive. Despite the liberating choice, freedom and power that such cryptocurrencies give individuals, the

The energy sector is in the midst of a technological revolution. From blockchain and the Internet of Things to decentralized power grids, energy tech is having its day in