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Bitcoin miners have become energy hunters, scouting the world for cheap electricity. And when most people think about bitcoin mining operations, they imagine hydro-powered warehouses in Canada or the

With Fukishima’s nuclear reactors set to restart for the first time since 2011’s meltdown, you could be forgiven if you missed another bit of recent energy-related news from the east-central prefecture: an exciting blockchain-powered pilot has just been given the green light. If successful, it could change the way Fukishima – and perhaps indeed the whole country – consumes, generates and trades electricity.

While the push for renewable energy is gaining traction, consumers are still tied to large power grids and the even larger cartels who control them. But things might be changing.

The Bitcoin network is by far the biggest computer in the world. It is more powerful than the top 500 supercomputers in the world combined. Digiconomist has some interesting statistics on the amount of energy consumed by Bitcoin. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin network uses 1/2000th of all the electricity used in the world!