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Today signaled the close of another week in crypto. January is already more than halfway over, and the market still has not seen much public interest in bitcoin.

A hacker returned ETC funds, Bakkt posted an acquisition, HSBC touted DLT use, Bittrex announced OTC crypto trading, and Russia saw bitcoin interest.

A hacker recently returned $100,000 to the Gate.io exchange. The hacker allegedly gained control of the funds as part of last week's ethereum classic (ETC) 51% attack.

BTC showed bullish sentiment, a firm looked into the ETC hack, Tron hired a former SEC employee, Qtum introduced atomic swaps, and Bill Miller commented on Ripple.

Based on research conducted on January 5, Coinbase has found a flaw in the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain. The flaw features a double spend loophole.

Last week was pretty rough for proponents of immutable Proof of Work Turing-complete blockchains, as the development teams of Ethereum Classic have split into ideological camps which concern the

During his interview with Crypto Insider, ETCDEV's head marketer and vocal spokesperson Donald McIntyre talked about the solidity of Ethereum Classic (to be read and understood as "robustness", as

During his 50-minute Crypto Insider interview, ETC DEV Team's Donald McIntyre has been candid and open about his views on immutability. In the first part, he revealed that his