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Tapatalk press release From Tapatalk’s press release: “Tapatalk's mobile-first app for forum owners and their members is used by over 200,000 forums in 186 countries. Those forums that have connected

Another week has passed in the crypto space. This week saw positive headlines, as well as negative, adding to the market's current state of indecision.

Facebook continues making strides into the blockchain technology industry, with their newest acquisition of Chainspace. The tech giant reportedly hired the team behind Chainspace, “a planetary scale smart contracts platform”.

Announced today, European Union (EU) regulated digital DX exchange will launch tokenized stock trading next week.

After the recent talk of Facebook taking steps towards developing a cryptocurrency, the rumors were confirmed with the news that its messaging subsidiary, WhatsApp, is looking to create a

Coinbase Earn, Facebook crypto interest, U.S. securities law amendment in favor of crypto, Upbit indicted for market manipulation, and bitcoin's price held steady.

The tech and data giant Facebook has had a relatively quiet an inconsistent relationship with blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the past. But now we are seeing some serious step

Facebook, Google, and other major hubs of personal data have come under increased scrutiny over the past year due to high-profile data breaches, lack of privacy, and revelations around