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Last year brought many headlines of crypto-related suspicious activities. Japan in particular reported increased money laundering during 2018.

Coicheck received a license, NASA looked into blockchain, scams were uncovered, Mongolia jumped into stablecoins and a U.S. rep talked about the SEC in crypto.

ETH showed a fractal, Japan considered law changes, Australia cracked down on a Ponzi promoter, Samourai Wallet removed features and 13 clients joined RippleNet.

CoinFLEX announced futures, ETC was hacked, Ledger announced a new wallet, Japan considered a crypto ETF, Kraken revealed subpoenas and Charlie Lee tweeted about extremists.

Japan is making major moves in the cryptocurrency world, with new legislation aiming to pave the way for a more supportive and secure regulatory backdrop to ensure that consumers

The Proof of Keys event explained, bitcoin up in price, evidence of Tether backing, Spencer Bogart's bullish bitcoin comments, and Japan's crypto label change.

SEC positive statements on ICOs, bitcoin failed to bounce in price, Japan's crypto tax changes, China banned STOs, and Stellar and Ripple progress.

Today was an eventful day in crypto. Bitcoin Cash hard forked, Dogecoin sees more transactions than BCH, Iranian crypto interest, and further scam reports. All while Bitcoin seems to