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Surrounding multiple exchange delistings, Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision (BSV) has fallen noticeably in price. Kraken also has decided to remove BSV.

Kraken, a long-time crypto exchange that prides itself in its security, announced a few sizable updates to further boost its armor. This update includes mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA).

Another week has passed in the crypto space. This week saw positive headlines, as well as negative, adding to the market's current state of indecision.

Crypto exchange Kraken acquired Crypto Facilities in an expensive business deal. Crypto Facilities is a major player in the regulated crypto trading space.

CoinFLEX announced futures, ETC was hacked, Ledger announced a new wallet, Japan considered a crypto ETF, Kraken revealed subpoenas and Charlie Lee tweeted about extremists.

Centralized crypto assets, Kraken investment shares, Calgary's own digital asset, negative crypto comments, and bitcoin price uncertainty.

A hefty XLM airdrop, Kraken talks security, Bitcoin Cash continues its war, positive news for USD Coin solvency, and another hacker caught, all while Bitcoin seeks to find a

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell recently appeared on an episode of the What Bitcoin Did podcast with host Peter McCormack to discuss a wide variety of topics related to the