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Last week, it was revealed by Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler at Consensus Invest that one of the reasons Starbucks is involved with the upcoming Bakkt cryptocurrency exchange is due

Depending on whom you ask, The Lightning Network is either the most brilliant invention since Bitcoin itself, or just questionable vaporware that stunts the growth of Bitcoin. Yet regardless

Ripple and IMF collaborating, another Coinbase employee departure, Bitcoin Lightning Network blog use, Bitcoin's monetary policy discussion, and Sonny Singh's (BitPay) bullish Bitcoin price prediction for next year. Catch

News of Coinbase raising even more funds, an interview with Blockstream's Allen Piscitello, more Roger Ver drama, Bittrex news, and regulatory insights.

Allen Piscitello, Blockstream's Director of Product Management whose main professional focus has been on the Liquid Network, has agreed to answer to a few of Vlad Costea's questions. This

Many people in the crypto space often mention Bitcoin (BTC) reaching $1 million per BTC. But why? Is it likely?

On October 16th 2018, Crypto Insider's Vlad Costea has had the honor and privilege to interview cypherpunk and Bitcoin advocate Jameson Lopp. The discussion is about 63 minutes long

On September 9th, Charlie Lee and Roger Ver sat down to have a conversation about Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. It all happened during the Blockchain Cruise, an event