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In terms of demonstrating the virtues of the Lightning Network, Norwegian bitcoiner Hodlonaut is the man of the hour. In less than a month, he convinced over 150 bitcoin

Security issues have dominated the cryptocurrency industry since the introduction of bitcoin and the subsequent emergence of altcoins. While the industry is growing in popularity year by year, the

On January 31st 2019, the Twitter account of Casa has promised two new exciting announcements. The first one turned out to be about the open sourcing of the node

The Casa Node has easily been one of the most desired and sought-after Bitcoin-related items during the 2018 holiday season. The demand for the "Lightning node in a box"

Alena Vranova might just be the greatest business strategist in Bitcoin - and possibly the entire crypto-space. When she co-founded Trezor, she helped establish the company as a household

The cryptocurrency community has a lot to keep up with. There are many different aspects of the networks that get debated in the crypto-community constantly. From blocksize, to blocktime,

Last week, it was revealed by Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler at Consensus Invest that one of the reasons Starbucks is involved with the upcoming Bakkt cryptocurrency exchange is due

Depending on whom you ask, The Lightning Network is either the most brilliant invention since Bitcoin itself, or just questionable vaporware that stunts the growth of Bitcoin. Yet regardless