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Crypto technical analysts and traders have mixed opinions about the next direct Bitcoin prices will take. This follows a weekend of consolidation where BTC's market valuation didn’t deviate much

The seventeenth episode of Magical Crypto Friends begins with a brief presentation of stylish cartoony sneakers that use the show’s graphics. Though it’s unlikely that the world of fashion

R.L. Bryer, also known as The Pittsburgh Hodlr, is among the early Bitcoin adopters who decided to remain low key. According to his story, he stumbled upon Satoshi's invention

ecurrencyhodler, better known among Litecoin enthusiasts as E, is one of the most active cryptocurrency educators and helpers you will find. As a moderator of the r/litecoin subreddit, he

Another week has passed in the crypto space. This week saw positive headlines, as well as negative, adding to the market's current state of indecision.

It has been less than two weeks since Litecoin founder Charlie Lee announced the pursuit to add confidential transactions – and it already seems like Bitcoin's little brother is exploring

From bitcoin ETF news to robberies and token sales, this week brought no shortage of interesting headlines to close out the month of January.

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has been talking about the importance of fungibility for quite some time. Even during his exclusive interview with Crypto Insider, Satoshi Lite has decided to bring up