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When Ethereum went live with the experimental “Frontier” release on July 30, 2015, it was met with fanfare touting the many advancements this second-generation blockchain would have over Bitcoin.

Bitcoin miners have become energy hunters, scouting the world for cheap electricity. And when most people think about bitcoin mining operations, they imagine hydro-powered warehouses in Canada or the

Bitmain announced on Friday that it plans to release a new mining chip, using 7nm Semiconductor Manufacturing to improve efficiency. Bitmain CEO and co-founder Jihan Wu described the new

China, the world leader in Bitcoin mining, may have some competition as the Kremlin enters the race, even creating its own its own cryptocurrency wallet.

Last month Crypto Insider reported that Cryptonomos and Giga Watt were launching the WTT token to make cost-effective bitcoin mining available to everyone. The WTT tokan sale started a few days ago and will continue until July 31.

Cryptonomos, a solution provider for blockchain-based crowdsales, announced a new venture to democratize mining and making it more profitable with the launch of a new token dubbed WTT, which offers access to the capacities of professional mining facility Giga Watt, designed and built by Bitcoin mining pioneer Dave Carlson. The stated goal is to make cost-effective mining available to everyone.

The Lightning Network has been touted by many Bitcoin Core contributors as a key way to scale the Bitcoin network to many more new users in the coming years. The basic idea is to implement a caching layer on top of the base Bitcoin blockchain that will allow users to transact with each other without the need to broadcast each individual transaction for everyone to see and miners to confirm.

The bitcoin mining pool industry is highly competitive, and each player in the space is doing everything they can to attract more miners to their platforms. BTC.com recently launched a transaction accelerator on their website and a new payout scheme for their mining pool as they attempt to position themselves as one of the key players in the overall bitcoin ecosystem.