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In early 2017 and throughout 2018, innovation and blockchain development took a backseat to speculation due to multiple factors including the emergence of Institutional Finance and ICOs. Because of companies

Qtum (QTUM) is a public blockchain platform that reportedly “leverages the security and simplicity” of Bitcoin’s UTXO (unspent transaction output) protocol. Similar to other cryptocurrency platforms such as Ethereum

BTC showed bullish sentiment, a firm looked into the ETC hack, Tron hired a former SEC employee, Qtum introduced atomic swaps, and Bill Miller commented on Ripple.

On March 21st, the Qtum team officially announced that their crowdsale was finished after just 117 hours, having reached its goal of $15.6 million USD. The crowdsale raised 11156.766 bitcoins and 77081.031 ether in exchange for 51 million Qtum tokens. A total of 100 million tokens have been minted, leaving 29 million for supporting community projects, and 20 million reserved for Qtum’s founders, developers, and early backers.

The Qtum Blockchain Foundation, headquartered in Singapore, plans to raise over 13,000 bitcoin on six Asian exchanges with its upcoming QTUM token crowdsale, fueling the growth of its PwC-supported blockchain platform for business.