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As crypto projects grow, stall, or even die, people must change their expectations and speculations. That being said, here are five crypto assets to watch in 2019.

BTC showed bullish sentiment, a firm looked into the ETC hack, Tron hired a former SEC employee, Qtum introduced atomic swaps, and Bill Miller commented on Ripple.

ETH showed a fractal, Japan considered law changes, Australia cracked down on a Ponzi promoter, Samourai Wallet removed features and 13 clients joined RippleNet.

Coinbase Pro added tokens, bitcoin continued upward, mining malware reported, Western Union made positive crypto statements, and OKEx added new bitcoin futures.

SEC positive statements on ICOs, bitcoin failed to bounce in price, Japan's crypto tax changes, China banned STOs, and Stellar and Ripple progress.

Though the blockchain is set to disrupt business processes, governance systems, and value exchange, no sector gets scared by the mention of this technology more than the banking and

As Bitcoin continues to surge downward, and the cryptocurrency revolution faces difficulties, today also brings news of a lawsuit against Bitmain, miners shutting down, Coinbase backing tokenized security company

Ripple and IMF collaborating, another Coinbase employee departure, Bitcoin Lightning Network blog use, Bitcoin's monetary policy discussion, and Sonny Singh's (BitPay) bullish Bitcoin price prediction for next year. Catch