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The public must once again pick a side as the coin seemingly engages in a civil war among its proponents. This whole BCH fork ordeal does not appear to

Bitcoin shows some of its impact ten years later, Ethereum Tech-Oasis Nevada updates, Etherdelta founder penalized, Ethereum potentially exposing user data, and alleged South Korean Hackers caught.

I have been celebrating the birth of Bitcoin by going through Satoshi's writings. Halloween Jest As we all know, the Bitcoin whitepaper was published on October 31, 2008 - the Halloween…

Exactly ten years ago and under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, an obscure individual from the cypherpunk e-mail list introduced to the world an unusual digital money proposal which

Today, Bitcoin has a number of identities. From being touted as a digital currency for “criminals” and money for “nerds”, to a power-consuming system, the most popular and world’s

A Siberian crypto mining adventure, Tether destroyed, 51% attacks, regulation, and lawsuit news - all during another quiet day for bitcoin

Australian computer scientist Craig Steven Wright took the cryptocurrency world by surprise when he claimed to have created Bitcoin with his deceased friend. Jon Matonis, an early adopter who wrote about the digital currency for Forbes, as well as Gavin Andresen, to whom Satoshi entrusted the Bitcoin repository keys, publicly supported Wright. (Though the latter later regretted having done so)