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Block.one, a Cayman Islands-registered open-source software publishing firm that raised a record-setting amount of $4 billion through its fundraising rounds of 2017 and 2018, has stated that a "critical

Johnny Kolasinski, the Head of Community at XYO, a “people-powered” location network run on a “decentralized data oracle,” recently shared his views and insights with Crypto Insider. Kolasinski, a former

Launched in the Spring of 2016, the blockchain-based Waves platform was developed under the guidance of its Moscow-based founder, Sasha Ivanov. The Waves project also raised $16 million through

Ethereum (ETH) and NEO are two major cryptocurrency platforms that allow developers to build and deploy automated business logic via smart contracts and enterprise-level decentralized applications (dApps). Both these

As part of Crypto Insider's commitment to provide content across all channels in all accessible forms, "Last Week in Five" steps in to provide weekly video coverage of the

As blockchain continues to evolve, smart contracts built to expand the concept of a simple decentralized database into a fully usable decentralized application seem to be popping up everywhere.

The pace of change in the building trade is famously glacial. Construction professionals are always open to new ideas, but most of the industry’s advances have been evolutionary and implemented very slowly. Revolutionary advances, historically speaking, have been few and far between.

Self-executing blockchain-based smart contracts can have a disruptive impact on business and society, but realizing their full potential requires adaptations to current legal and banking systems. These adaptations are coming.