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As crypto projects grow, stall, or even die, people must change their expectations and speculations. That being said, here are five crypto assets to watch in 2019.

BTC showed bullish sentiment, a firm looked into the ETC hack, Tron hired a former SEC employee, Qtum introduced atomic swaps, and Bill Miller commented on Ripple.

In many ways, the fourteenth episode of Magical Crypto Friends is a return to the original purpose of the show: making fun of silly uses of the blockchain and

SEC positive statements on ICOs, bitcoin failed to bounce in price, Japan's crypto tax changes, China banned STOs, and Stellar and Ripple progress.

Bitcoin shows strength relative to the 2013 bear market, as IBM works with Stellar, Amazon gains two patents, XRP continues its security classification battle, and traders bet on the

On October 23rd 2018, Bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco was interviewed by Crypto Insider. During his dialogue with Vlad Costea, he agreed to play a little game in which he

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase has received an approval for custody services for several crypto assets, according to recent news.

As part of Crypto Insider's commitment to provide content across all channels in all accessible forms, "Last Week in Five" steps in to provide weekly video coverage of the