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This week, bitcoin remained indecisive and projects moved forward, as February quietly faded into March. Catch the details of this week’s action!

After months of anticipation, Coinbase Pro finally has announced support for XRP.

Financial giant J.P. Morgan is launching its own cryptocurrency. The stablecoin asset reportedly is the first of its kind regarding bank involvement.

Ripple is hiring experts in an interesting fashion. The company reportedly is offering top-skill prospects millions of dollars in XRP to join its team.

Binance, a top global cryptocurrency exchange, has announced credit card options. Customers will be able to buy crypto with credit cards on the exchange.

As crypto projects grow, stall, or even die, people must change their expectations and speculations. That being said, here are five crypto assets to watch in 2019.

BTC showed bullish sentiment, a firm looked into the ETC hack, Tron hired a former SEC employee, Qtum introduced atomic swaps, and Bill Miller commented on Ripple.

In many ways, the fourteenth episode of Magical Crypto Friends is a return to the original purpose of the show: making fun of silly uses of the blockchain and